"Doesn't everyone look at himself in his own particular way? Deformations simply do not exist. Daumier and Lautrec saw a face differently from Ingres or Renoir, that's all. As for me, I see it this way."
(Pablo Picasso)

Rachel Kidd – Artist Statement

I make it my mission to highlight the importance everything plays on this earth, people and animals, flora and fauna. No one thing is more important than the other and this must be remembered. I encourage mindfulness in my work and hope that I can incorporate something spiritual into all of my paintings.

In terms of process, occasionally I will visualise a series of works, others are stand alone pieces. I experiment with wax encaustic and incorporate other media into the work, anything from builders wire to dead insects or the layered, resin – painting technique which I developed.

My current practice focuses on the affect humans are having on the environment. As an engineer and a bee-keeper, I’m aware that we must review the way we do things. I created new guidelines on how to engineer roads with bees and pollinators in mind so we don’t continue to needlessly destroy their homes for the benefit of ourselves. This message flows through my paintings as I try to use this as a platform to educate people on the importance of loving all that is around us. This is a very important issue which I feel strongly about.